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Spray Foam

Five Counties Insulation provides spray foam insulation to domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties. Spray foam insulation is the industry leader in modern, energy efficient insulation options.
We provide spray foam insulation options that are uniquely tailored to different buildings. From smaller domestic properties to large-scale agricultural buildings, you can be assured that our professional team of technicians will provide clients with the right insulation for the unique energy needs of their building.


For more information on our spray foam insulation options, get in contact with Five Counties Insulation today.

Open Cell and Closed Cell

Foam insulation is differentiated into two categories. Open cell insulation and closed cell insulation.
Both these types are created when the two compounds: polyol resin and isocyanate are combined by an exothermic reaction. This reaction happens as the foam leaves the tip of the spray gun creating either open spray foam or closed cell foam.
The type of foam formed after this reaction is based on the type of polyol resin.

Attic Insulation Foam

Five Counties Insulation provides all our attic clients with certified.
This type of open cell foam insulation expands to over 200 times its original size, effectively sealing all gaps, nocks and crannies.
Once expanded, the spray foam creates a fully airtight seal, which stops heat loss and helps prevent damp and mould growth. A properly insulated attic can lead to a 35% saving on property heating costs.


For more information on our open cell spray foam, get in contact with Five Counties Insulation today.

Breathable Vent Card

All domestic buildings produce water vapour due to showering, cooking etc. Even breathing and exercise can lead to water vapour accumulation inside the home.
If this vapour doesn’t escape the property it will eventually form damp and mould. Mould can potentially be extremely hazardous to human health.
As such Building regulations in Ireland state that a 50mm air gap or void be maintained between the insulation material and the roofing deck.
Five Counties Insulation provides our clients with the breathable vent card system. This ridged and permeable vent card is attached to the rafters, creating an exact 50mm gap from the felt. This is installed before the spray foam is applied.
This system allows water vapour to pass through the foam, preventing damp and mould.

Spray Foam insulation Co.Wicklow.jpg

Shed Insulation

Our Shed insulation is designed to eliminate condensation and damp. Closed cell foam is often used in commercial sheds as it helps to reduce the condensation build-up; it is also used because of its superior thermal properties.
Closed cell spray foam is suitable for industrial sheds, agricultural sheds and commercial sheds. The unique properties of closed cell foam allow it to be used on any concert or metal structures.
Closed cell foam is not breathable. It is a rigid and dense material that helps strengthen the integrity of the structure's build.


For more information on Spray Foam Insulation, get in contact with Five Counties Insulation today.

Benefits of Spray Foam

Better air quality

Gets rid of drafts and condensation

Adds structural integrity

Fills irregular shapes

Seals cracks and voids

Does not settle or shrink

Reduces ice damages

Reduces noise

Reduces the likelihood of mold

Reduces dust and pollen infiltration

Reduces air and moisture infiltration

R-values remain stable over time

Highest performance insulation

Helps to create a thermal envelope controlling the air inside the building

Warm in winter, cool in summer

Reduce amount of allergens, pollutants and moisture

Better energy efficiency


For more information on the range of benefits of spray foam, get in contact with Five Counties Insulation today.

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