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Cavity Wall Insulation

According to government figures over 30% of heat is lost through the walls of non-insulated properties.
To cut down on the heat loss in YOUR home, insulating the external walls can prove very effective and provide significant energy savings.
Insulating in the cavity is generally the most cost-effective solution.
By insulating your walls with the bonded bead system you will improve the overall thermal properties of your home and reduce your energy bills, especially in the winter months.
At Five Counties Insulation we use Warmfill Silver Bead – a NSAI approved product – on all our cavity insulation jobs.
Small holes (22mm) are bored into the external wall. Silver beads and the adhesive are pumped into the cavity under pressure. Using this method we can completely fill the cavity every time.
Cavity wall insulation can increase the B.E.R. rating and the value of your house.


For more information on our cavity wall insulation service, get in contact with Five Counties Insulation today.

Benefits of Blown Bead Cavity Wall Insulation

Reduces your heating bill

No disruption or structural change to your home

Unique nature of the beads will fill the smallest of spaces

Cost effective & improves comfort

No settlement issues associated with other materials

Less than one day to complete installation

Installation can be carried out in all weathers

All holes are virtually invisible.

Total Flow-ability

In the video excerpt, using a special mock-up of a cavity wall, we see how the special flow properties of the bead give total insulation. Watch as the beads are blown into the cavity.
See the way the beads flow to fill the space. This is because of the special flow properties of the EPS bead which no other material can match.
You can see a vortex is created and the beads flow at high speed like liquid into every part of the cavity, they seek out all the gaps and imperfections in the cavity and in minutes every void around services, joists, conduits, doors windows and other internal structures are filled with thousands of beads to ensure no cold spots.
Blown beads provide thermal insulation at its most efficient and because every bead is 98% air captured within the polystyrene, this material gives lambda values which are superior to any other insulation allowing building regulations to be easily met or exceeded.
After each cavity is filled, the beads settle immediately and become bonded to form a virtual solid layer of insulation which is stable yet allows the cavity to breathe as intended and once settled gravity will no longer affect the integrity of the bead which means there will be no on-going settlement issues which can affect other types of cavity insulation.


Have us insulate your wall cavities the smart way; get in contact with Five Counties Insulation today.


Five Counties Insulation
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